Cool Face featured on Woocommerce

Tropical Fete: Caribbean Pride via Fashion’s Newest Accessory: Cool Face Life Bandanas

Cool Face featured on Woocommerce

Cool Face featured on Woocommerce

The Caribbean has a new way to express pride in individual culture via fashion’s newest accessory called Cool Face – the multi-use fabric tubular bandana that can be used around the face, hair and wrist!

Developed by Dancehall USA executive Nick Walker, Cool Face is a specially designed, and highly visible infinity fabric that fits securely in the position the wearer chooses to place it.  The product is light weight, breathable, quick-dry, provides (spf) protection, wicks moisture and can be worn over 16 different ways, the kind of product you will always need to use.  Under Nic’s guidance, Cool Face is customizable with a countries flag, or a company’s brand, leaving the eyes exposed (if worn around the nose and mouth) and capturing the attention of onlookers.

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Cool Face Life Bandanas featured on Woocommerce Showcase

Cool Face featured on Woocommerce

Cool Face featured on Woocommerce

Cool Face Life sells flag-themed multi-use bandanas and accessories.

Customers can proudly wear their heritage with printed bandanas and sleeves featuring Caribbean, Latin American, and African flag designs.

R. Nick Walker is the man behind the brand: a young entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “nerd” from the island of Jamaica with a passion for marketing.

“I love and live for the puzzle of marketing, the lure of constantly trying to figure it out,” he says.

A programmer and digital marketer by day, Nick has run eCommerce stores for clients in a wide variety of industries over the last 15 years. From clothing to supplements, from cars to real estate, he lent his expertise to others’ ideas before deciding to focus on his own in 2018.

“I wanted something else that would compliment my consulting business, and that’s when I created Cool Face Life,” he explains.

“I have always loved ‘pride products’ as I like to call them – products that customers can wear and proudly represent where they came from.”