What’s New for 2020?

Glow Bandanas Neck Gaiter

Glow in the Dark Flag Face Bandanas

Yes, we said it! Bandanas that glow in the dark. Activated by light, this unique product boasts exclusive glow in the dark material that slowly absorbs light which then glows in the dark. Available in the 5 top flags – Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, US Virgin Islands and Guyana.

Don’t See Your Flag – Request Your Glow in the Dark Flag Face Bandanas

Cool Face Kids Website

Cool Face Kid Bandanas & Sleeves

CoolFaceKids.com –  (bandanas and sleeves in kid sizes)

The kids have been asking for their sizes all year, well here you go, Arm Sleeves are now in smaller sizes and Flag Bandanas as well. Now the little ones can participate in Carnival – Click to check out http://www.coolfacekids.com

Cool Face Random

Yellow Bandana--1

Cool Face Random Designs – ( Random designs – Seasons, Holidays, Trends, Halloween )

We will be putting our designers to work, coming up with random cool designs perfect for the season, perfect for the holidays, perfect for current trends – The designs will be cool – i promise !